Talisman Sinopec Montrose BLP Jacket

Another North Sea Oil and Gas Field under Extension

Sea and Land Project Engineering Limited provided Detailed Design and Engineering services to OGN for their EPC contract awarded by Talisman Sinopec in October 2012. The 5750 tonne jacket and 2800 tonnes of piles form the foundations for the new bridge-linked platform on the Montrose field within the Montrose Area Redevelopment (MAR) Project 210 km east of Aberdeen.  The jacket was loaded-out in May 2014 and made ready for sail-away over the following weeks.   It left the OGN yard at Wallsend on Friday 13th June and arrived in the field on Sunday 15th June aboard the 150m long Castoro XI barge. The pictures show the Jacket Roll-up, loading onto the barge and its journey down the River Tyne and eventual installation adjacent to the Montrose Platform, off Aberdeen.

The jacket was lifted, upended and set on the seabed that day by the Saipem-operated S7000 HLV. Pile driving and pile grouting was successfully carried out over the next 5 days.  Standing in 90m water 130 miles east of Aberdeen, the jacket is secured to the seabed with 8 no. 2.43m diameter piles. It supports a 14,000 tonne Topsides receiving gas via risers from the Cayley and Shaw fields to be exploited as Subsea Developments. The jacket supports 12 no. gas risers, 4 no. j-tubes and 7 no. caissons.