O.N.E. Platform P11-E

A Template for Future Unmanned Standard Satellite Platforms (SSPs)

SLPE carried out the FEED Engineering for Oranje-Nassau Energie’s (ONE) Standard Satellite Platform (SSP).  Designed for use anywhere in the Dutch Sector of the North Sea with water depth of between 20 and 50 metres, the SSP comprises a four-legged Jacket with four piles with the risers and J-tubes running through the Jacket legs.  The first use of the SSP is for ONE’s P11-E Platform.  Standing in approximately 26 metres of water, the Jacket is 49 metres high and weighs 654 tonnes.

Both the Jacket and Topsides were manufactured in the Heerema Zwijndrecht yard near Rotterdam and transported by barge to the P11-E field on the Dutch continental shelf 55 kilometres North West of Rotterdam harbour.

The Topsides generates its own energy via 62 solar panels and 5 wind turbines controlled remotely. A natural gas processing offshore facility, the P11-E Platform exports gas and condensate from the Platform via a pipeline to the P15-D Platform, for onward export to shore.