Subsea Protection Structures

A variety of Design Solutions

Pipeline Stabilisation and Protection Systems


Flexible Concrete Mattresses

Used for:

  • Stabilising pipelines against lateral movement
  • Preventing scour
  • Impact protection from trawl boards
  • Dropped object protection
  • Pipeline/cable crossings

Pipeline Impact Covers

Provides protection to pipelines against dropped objects and fishing gear

Typical impact loads 50 kJ to 300 kJ

Design issues are:

  • Seabed soil properties
  • Current and wave forces
  • Resistance to sliding
  • Resistance to bearing loads

Pipeline Weight Collars

Used to:

  • stabilise pipelines against movement
  • Collar shown is typically reinforced with polypropylene fibres

Pipe and Cable Bridges

Used for:

  • crossing existing seabed infrastructure pipes, cables, umbilical lines
  • C50 concrete
  • Permanent lifting points for later removal
  • Sizes up to 36″ pipeline crossings


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