Apache FASP Project Completed

3rd September 2013

Apache FASP Deck and Link Bridge Installed

The Deck and Link Bridge for the Forties Alpha Satellite Platform (FASP) was installed onto the Jacket during July 2013. This completes the project for which Sea and Land Project Engineering Limited designed the 5,300 tonne support structure for OGN, and which was installed in the North Sea in July 2012.  Built by OGN under an EPC contract at their Wallsend fabrication yard, this is the first new platform in the Forties field for 30 years.

The jacket supports 18 wells and two risers and a Topsides weighing up to 8000 tonnes. It is secured to the seabed with 12 no. 2.43m diameter piles which were installed by Heerema using the Thialf HLV.  Now operational, the Satellite Platform has been installed at a depth of around 106 metres and Bridge-linked to the original Forties Alpha platform in the Forties field.  Jacket design and link-up is an area in which Sea and Land Project Engineering Limited specialise.

First inaugurated in 1975, the Forties field was scheduled for decommissioning from 2013, but due to the revival of North Sea oil and gas field activity in the past few years, such fields now have an increased life expectancy by extending and renewing the platform using modern design and installation technology.

The first video on this page includes an interview with David Edwards, then the CEO of OGN, at loadout of the FASP Topsides.  The second video, set to show delivery of the FASP Jacket to Forties Alpha, when viewed from the beginning, also provides a remarkable video history of the Forties Field from its inception in the 1960’s to present day, with plenty of archive film.  It explains the renewed success of the field to remarkable planning and investment, which should now extend the life of Forties for a further 18 years or more.