SLPEL Clients include Major Oil and Gas Operators, Energy Utilities, Fabricators & Contractors and Developers of innovative Wave and Tidal devices.

Working with us…

Sea and Land Project Engineering has a close association with a number of fabricators, and our engineers carry out all their designs with constructability and installation in mind. This ensures that our clients get a practical and buildable design. Working closely with fabrication yards SLPEL can ensure that the client’s goals are achieved, on time and on budget.

Safety and Environmental impact is given high priority in our designs. To ensure a consistently high level of design, Sea and Land Project Engineering has a set of standard procedures, which ensures that the client’s requirements are fully addressed at all stages of design development.

Buildable Designs On Time and On Budget

A comprehensive Basis of Design is established at the beginning of any project, which is used to control all subsequent design activities. Frequent progress meetings with client representatives ensures that the client is fully aware of design progress, allowing them to become fully integrated members of the project team.

During the fabrication stage, Sea and Land Project Engineering offers full support to the client. This includes checking of fabrication drawings, consideration and approval of design changes, and monitoring progress. For most of SLPEL’s designs, there is a requirement for a design check from an Independent  Verification Body (IVB). We will submit all required documentation to the IVB on the client’s behalf and agree with the IVB the Codes and Standards to be applied to the project.

Sea & Land Project Engineering Limited is fully client-oriented and will ensure that the client’s requirements are met with buildable designs on time and on budget.